Monday, September 2, 2013

A glance into my classroom {aka second home}

I decided that since I spend a craaazy amount of time in my classroom, I needed to brighten it up and add some "homey" touches.  So I did a small makeover this year, and wanted to show you some pics!

Here is my Leader in Me/ 7 Habits area.  I have my 7 habits posters in Spanish hanging in frames from the dollar tree.  I just glued ribbon to them and used hooks to hang them up!  I also have the habits listed on the tree.  The leader board, which I talk about more in a previous post, shows all my classroom jobs.  Each week, we will move the popsicle sticks and the jobs will change.  If you're wondering if this is a good system to use, I'll get back to you!  We're starting our jobs on Tuesday :)

I have an area to hang language arts, math, and science/ social studies posters.  I just used laminated butcher paper and border for this! {an excellent strategy for a Dual Language classroom}

Word wall + vocabulary wall + guided reading table + cute folders my friend Kelley got me :)

Here is one of my "homey" touches.  I bought a sheer curtain for $5 from Big Lots, then, I attached ribbon with safety pins.  I covered clothespins with scrapbook paper and hung pictures on.  Ta-da!  As cheesy as it sounds, these pictures remind me of my sweet friends and family on stressful days :)

Reading Center + Cute pillows from Ross

Pom Poms + Table signs

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