Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale!

Well, Thanksgiving break is slowly coming to an end.  I've spent my days sleeping in, eating yummy breakfasts prepared by my husband, spending all day in my pajamas, crafting, decorating for Christmas, and overeating.  I'd say this break has been a success!  I do LOVE the Christmas season, though, so I am excited about the next few weeks.  I see lots of baking in my future :)

I am participating in the Cyber Monday + Bonus Tuesday sale on the TpT website coming up.  Hopefully you'll stock up on some items from my store and others.  Click the cute graphic below to check out the linky party that the 3 AM teacher is hosting to see which seller's are participating in the sale.

I just finished my Christmas Math File Folder Games and hope you will check them out!  I have them available in both English and Spanish at my TpT store.  Included are 4 math file folder games related to addition/ subtraction to 18 and place value to 99.

Decorate the Tree:  Students draw an addition fact card.  If they have the answer on their tree, they cover it with a bean.  If not, they forfeit their turn.  The first player to cover all of their ornaments wins.

Build a Snowman:  Read the description of the number on the snowman {for example:   I have 8 tens and 7 ones}  Match the correct hat to the snowman.

Santa's Workshop:  Each elf has three gifts.  Help the elves to order the numbers on the gifts from least to greatest.

Search for Santa's Hat:  Draw a subtraction fact card.  If you answer it correctly, move forward the number of spaces that the card says.  If not, stay where you are.  The first person to reach Santa's hat wins!

Happy Shopping :)


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