Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving unit

Have you ever read the book "Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey" by Joy Cowley?  It is so cute!  The basic premise is that a dad buys his son a turkey and asks him to take care of it until they eat it on Thanksgiving.  The boy names the turkey Gracias and really grows to love him.   At the end of the book, the family eats chicken for Thanksgiving dinner and Gracias joins them in the Thanksgiving festivities.  I especially LOVE this book because it comes in both English and Spanish. {You can buy it on Amazon for $7 or less if your library does not have it}

I created a mini-unit in both English and Spanish that you can use with your students when reading this book.  One of the activities is a turkey sequence craftivity.

Also included is a file folder game to review short a and short e words {pictured below}.  The game pieces are rectangles with short a and short e words that the students have to read and put in the correct spot.  In the Spanish version, the same game is included except it is to review word with c:  ca, ce, ci, co, cu.  I find my students really need practice with these syllables since the c makes a hard or soft sound depending on the vowel that follows it.  On one side students put words with ca, co, cu and on the other side words with ce and ci.

Also included in the mini-unit are 
  • thanksgiving vocabulary cards
  • a singular and plural booklet based on Gracias the Thanksgiving turkey
  • a template to make a class book called "My Pet Turkey"
  • a character description activity:  "Have you seen Gracias the Thanksgiving turkey?" 

I hope you'll check it out on my TpT store-- I will send a free copy to the first person who comments with their email address below!  {just make sure to let me know if you would like it in English or Spanish}


  1. I have read Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey! I love that book. I read it like 3 years ago and I'm glad I saw your post because I had completely forgot about it. I'm definitely reading it to my kids this year.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I emailed your unit-- let me know if you did not receive it.