Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Technology Tuesday

Well hello there...
My little ole blog got a makeover, so I thought I would try & revive it.  Those of you who stuck with me are AMAZING followers.  So thank you!!

I went to a really awesome technology training at Region 20 and thought I would share a little technology tip I learned.  Have you heard of Padlet?  It is a website where you can pose a question, give students the link, and they respond.  It seems great for all ages, but I could definitely see using it with first graders.  I plan on pulling it up on the screen and having them type the answer to a question so all the students can see what their classmates are saying.  Here is a link to my sample padlet.

You could use it to activate prior knowledge, have students respond to a book, have them make predictions, have them write their definition of a vocabulary word... etc.  The possibilities are endless!  What would you use it for in your classroom?

Adios for now,