Saturday, January 4, 2014

Teacher Tricks & Tidbits #1

After having several student teachers in my class, I thought back to my time in college & realized that many of the ideas I use in my classroom where not learned in the college setting.  They were taken from other teachers, and many of them have been instrumental in my classroom running smoothly.  So I thought that I would start a series of blogposts called...

Graphics & fonts courtesy of Mrs. Stanford's Class, Emily Wean Designs, and Cara Carroll

The first trick I learned from my student teaching mentor {shout out Mrs. P-Y!} is table points.  It is simple & effective in my first grade classroom.  I have named each table, or you could number them.  Staring on Monday, I write each table name on the board.  During the week I give points to tables who have all their items put away on time {I count from 10 to 0}, who are using synergy, or who are just being extremely well behaved.  At the end of the week, the table with the most points picks a prize from the prize box.

What I love about this is that you really start to see kids working as a team.  If a kid is a slow poke, other students will help them get their things put away on time.  Kids who love to chit chat will be reminded by their table mates to work quietly.  It is miraculous!

If you have any tricks, or tidbits, I would love to know!  Feel free to take this image {and copy & paste the links to the credits} and use it on your blog, FB, twitter, instagram, pinterest... am I missing anything?  Ha.  And then comment below with a link to your post because I'd love to read it!  Like I said, I learn best from other teachers like you :)

Stay tuned for trick #2...