Monday, October 10, 2011

The Daily Five = Success!

I have been using the daily five in my classroom now for about 3 weeks, and it has been working wonderfully!  I use the following centers:  leer a tu mismo, leer con un companero, escribir, trabajar con palabras, y escuchar a un cuento.  I also have been using the daily five bookmarks (see earlier post) for students to know which three centers they will be working on that day.  I set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes, and they do their assigned center.  When the timer goes off, they know to clean up and switch centers.  They do all of their responses in their daily five journal, which saves a ton of paper since our campus is going green this year.  During this time, I have been able to pull small groups fairly consistently and we are actually getting a lot accomplished.  SUCCESS!!  Don't you love when something is successful after you have put so much time and effort into it?  I am loving the daily five this year thanks to a few tweeks and modifications.  Let's hope it stays this way!


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