Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We had a blast this week celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Most of what we did were ideas I got from pinterest, so I am not able to take credit for several of these awesome ideas {the pockets, the graphing, and the green eggs and ham snack}.  I'm so grateful for the world of pinterest, blogging, and teachers pay teachers because teachers are able to share their awesome ideas and I love to use them :).

On Monday, we read "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" and focused on rhyming words.  The kids made these cute little pockets and named their creature inside by coming up with a word that rhymed with pocket.  This little girl put a mocket in her pocket, and below that is the Spanish version of the activity.

On Wednesday we read "The Cat in the Hat".  We drew some conclusions about the cat on an anchor chart.  Then, the students make the cat and wrote several conclusions on their paper. {For this activity, I just gave them paper and a face and hat tracer}.

We also did "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" goldfish graphing that day.  The students sorted the goldfish, collected their data using tally marks, and completed a graph.

On Friday we ate read "Green Eggs & Ham" and ate a fun little snack.  We also made a class book:  "Do you like green eggs and _______?"  The students had to come up with a side to their green eggs and two rhyming words {an animal and a place}.  This little girl wrote:  Do you like green eggs and pizza?  You could eat them with a cat, You could eat them on a mat!  Here is a picture of an English page and a Spanish page from our book:

At the end of the day on Friday, one of my coworkers brought me this cute cupcake that a parent had brought.  Just what I needed on a Friday afternoon!  The perfect ending to a fun Dr. Seuss Week :)


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