Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glittery Grouping

I saw a post on pinterest about using colorful bracelets to group kids.  I love this idea because kids can randomly choose a color, or as a teacher you can assign colors based on who you want in what group.  I found these cute bracelets at the dollar tree, and they are gLittErY!!  LOVE.  I just won't tell the boys they are called princess expressions =).  What are your fun grouping ideas?


  1. What a FUN idea! My daughters would love it for sure and I'm sure the boys will get over it. One of my favorite grouping methods is to come up with six categories (tables) with four examples of each category. I type them up and cut them out and give each student a paper. They have to walk around and read each other's papers and determine who they belong with and then the name for their category. It can be as simple as shapes, colors, and numbers or as fun as names of current singers, novelas, Pokemon figures, etc.

  2. I've used stickers, playing cards (fun if they have cute characters on them), fun pencils or erasers, party favors... really just whatever I could find at the dollar store! Usually, though, it was either stickers or drawing notecards out of a hat where they had to figure out clues or something to find their groups.