Monday, January 14, 2013

Product Swap-- Late!


I am so excited to be participating in the Product Swap with Jessica Stanford.  I was out of town with no internet access this weekend, so I apologize that this post is late!

I was able to review a product from Sonja D from Grade One Fun.  It was great to "meet" her and be able to pick a product from her store to try out.  You should definitely check out her blog here.

I chose her word bird game, which you can find at her TpT store.  I teach mostly Spanish speakers, so I  was able to spend some quality time with my English speaking student playing the game with her.  It was lots of fun!  What I love about this game is that students are learning beginning sounds of words, but are also using strategy to win.  It was great practice for my student to practice beginning sounds and I found it especially helpful for her as an English Language Learner.  The goal is to make a pair by matching two cards with the same beginning sound.  The person with the most matches before all the Word Birds are in their nests wins.  She really got into the game, and ended up winning by a landslide.  Here are a few pictures of us playing:

Thanks Sonja for letting me try out your product-- hopefully some of my blog followers will try it out as well!


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