Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Interactive Problem Solving {Freebie}

Problem solving is a big push on our campus this year and my kids really need some practice with it.  I decided to create an interactive problem solving area in my classroom where they can come to manipulate the numbers, words, and objects to solve problems.  I plan on leaving it up all year and just switching out the objects and words based on the time of the year.

For now, the theme is Halloween, of course :).  This would be great for a bulletin board, but I don't have any that the kids can reach so I put it on my classroom door.  I laminated butcher paper and put a cute border around it to make it stand out.   You can grab your own copy of the numbers, words, and objects in English or Spanish at my TpT store.  I used velcro for the numbers, words, and objects so that the kids can easily switch them out to create a problem.   To store them, I am using envelopes and half of a gift sack.  {Resourcefulness is my middle name... ha}  Here are some samples of the problem solving in Spanish:



candy corn

I hope you find this useful with your own kiddos!


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