Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Day Activity

I love the scavenger hunt/ bingo idea that many teachers use on the first day of school.  Students walk around and get signatures of friends in different boxes (ex:  find a friend with 2 brothers).  I had thought about doing this with my students, but many of my first grade babies would not be able to read all of the boxes on their own.  I envisioned chaos in my mind, and decided to revise the activity for my class.

What I am going to do instead is to have each box be a letter of the alphabet.  Students will have to walk around getting signatures of friends whose names start with that letter.  They must get a row vertically or a row horizontally to win the game.  If you are a visual person like me, here is a sample of how it will look!

Loteria de nombres

Here's to getting the kids up & moving the first day of school!


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