Thursday, August 11, 2011

You can't catch me... I'm the gingerbread man!!!

I am starting to think about the first week with the kiddos back, and want to do some new and fun activities with them.  I know many people do a Gingerbread Man Hunt, so I decided to try it out this year.  It is a good way to do a tour of the school and is a great vocabulary reinforcer for dual language kids.  I know there are many samples out there in English, but I couldn't find ANYTHING in Spanish.  So here is one that I made for you to use and modify.  My only disclaimer is that there aren't accents, because my computer at home is a Mac and it is hard to add accents in.

Gingerbread Man Hunt in Spanish

I'm thinking of having a (store bought) gingerbread man cookie for each kid to eat when we get back to the classroom.  I'm also thinking of having them draw and write about their experience chasing down the gingerbread man using a gingerbread man template with lines.  So... happy hunting!!


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