Saturday, August 18, 2012

$1 find & student nametags

I love perusing the dollar section at Target.  I am so excited about what I found today!  I do a student of the day each day, and this person helps me with anything and everything I need.  They call tables to the carpet, pass out materials, hold the door, and many other things.  Our school wide theme this year is personal training/ Olympics based on Jon Gordon's book "Training Camp".  So... these medals are perfect for my student of the day because they tie in with our theme this year :).

On a different note, I am loving how my student name tags turned out.  I purchased the lanyards & badge holders off of Amazon for relatively cheap.  Then, I found these cute name tags at {you guessed it} Target in the dollar section.  I think these will be much more durable than just laminating a name tag & will hopefully last me all year.  Have you found any aMaziNg deals for your classroom lately?


  1. Hi Linsay - those are cute. I"ve been back 3 days now. Love my new group. :o)
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