Thursday, August 23, 2012

Linky Party

I am linking up with Funky First Grade Fun to share my favorite book for building community in my classroom.  Being that I teach dual language, I love to remind my students that we are one big community no matter what language we speak.  It is okay if someone makes a mistake in what they are saying because that happens when learning a new language, and we should support our classmates rather than making fun of them.  I use the book "La Vaca que Decia Oink" to teach this because it is just SO cute.

In this story, there is a cow who says oink and a pig who says moo.  Throughout the story, the pig teaches the cow to say moo and the cow teaches the pig to say oink.  It is the perfect story to use when there are different languages being spoken in your classroom, and really encourages community.  Just like the cow & pig help each other, the students should help each other as they are learning two languages together :).


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  2. I love the book idea for language learning. I will try to find it in Spanish. Thanks for sharing the ideas.