Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Advice Please!

I got an email from my district today telling us that if we create a project on donor's choose, we will immediately get $100 donated toward our product.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I definitely want to jump on this opportunity, but need some advice about what project to create.

I have some students this year that could really use some additional resources to help them with reading in Spanish {both at home and at school}.  So my question for you is:  Do you know of any great resources that would help struggling first grade readers in Spanish?  I would love any suggestions--  Ready, Set, Suggest!!


  1. I got paper and ink and a book binding machine, lakeshore has some spanish books and CD and listening center, not a DC vendor (you have to use extra pts), but TheReallyGoodStuff has a good Spanish word sort set that is good,

  2. I got an amazing set of 6 individual cd players with headphones and 2 sets of English language books with cd's to create an English listening center... Donor's Choose rocks! I don't know what kind of Spanish specific stuff you can find other than books but whatever you come up with, it's amazing that your district is supporting you in that manner!

  3. I used my first donors choose to get nothing but Spanish books on CD for my listening center as well as leveled books for my library. The leveled books are great because you can target that just right book for those struggling readers.

  4. I asked for mp3 players for my 1st grade classroom. Love Love Love them!