Saturday, September 22, 2012

Math Problem Solving {Freebie}

We have a huge emphasis on our campus this year on math problem solving.  I spend a lot of time during the fall semester teaching my firsties how to solve math problems so that I can "set them free" to do it on their own in the spring.  I have found that teaching them a fairly simple process works well, although I have always done it verbally with them.  My group this year really needs visuals, so I decided to create a paper version so that they can refer to it while we are solving problems.  You can download it in English or Spanish through google docs!  I was thinking that I will cut out and laminate the steps, and then put them on a ribbon.  I will use a clothespin to show which step we are doing when we are solving problems whole group.  Another teacher friend of mine laminates all the steps together with a small space in between, and then folds them up and unrolls each step as the class completes it.  Also a very cute idea.  How do you do math problem solving in your classroom?

P.S.-- If you downloaded my free Johnny Appleseed unit in English or Spanish, thank you so much.  I am ecstatic that it has been downloaded over 2000 times!! Makes my week :)
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