Monday, September 24, 2012

Word Work Centers: Part 1

Yesterday I showed you my word work center bookcase with all 12 word work centers.  Today I am spotlighting 4 of the word work centers we use & hope that you can take these ideas back to your own classroom!

This center is boggle boards, which the kiddos LOVE.  I change the rules for my firsties and tell them that they can use any letters from the board to make words.  The letters don't have to be touching each other and they can reuse a letter in a word, even if it only shows up once on the board.  {This can be modified for older grades}  This word work center is awesome because it works for both English & Spanish.  YESSSSS.  The students write the words that they find in their Daily Five journals.  Today, I taught this center and I reminded my kids that they can look on the word wall, all over the room, and in their dictionary to find words and see if they can make them on their boggle boards.  I can't remember where the boggle boards pictured came from, but here is a link to some free ones on the TpT store.

The next center is a making words center with paint sample cards.  {Yes, I got these for free at Walmart}  Again, this center is great because I can easily make an English and Spanish version.  The kids move the card up and down to make words, and keep track of them in their Daily Five Journals.  I took a picture of two of my Spanish examples and one English sample.

Moving right along to my next word work center.  For this one, I have a set of vocabulary cards with the word and the picture.  {In the picture they are in Spanish, but this works for English just the same}  The students use the letter tiles to make the word and then write the word accompanied by a picture in their Daily Five journals.  Super easy!  Sorry about the awful glare...

The last center idea came from my Word Work pack on my TpT store {available in English and Spanish}, which I will be giving away at the end of this series of posts!  It is called Rainbow Roll A Word.  The students pick a word from the word wall, anywhere in the room, or their dictionary.  They roll the dice to find out what color marker to write each letter with.  You should have heard the Oooohs and Aaaaahs over this center today.  They are stoked, and it is super easy to put together!

If you have questions about any of the centers, please comment & I'll answer them ASAP.  More word work center ideas to come in the next few days!  Oh, and be on the lookout for a giveaway :)


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